Performance in the opening of 1st Tbilisi Triennial “Offside Effect”, 2012

“Acting in The Library”, Literature Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia

Body in the mind embodied mind law and justice – for the laws made with reason, an offer as an answer in case of not stepping out the duality of the mind and body completely: a territory between enact and act – the laws that are made in mind, processed in the body and then printed out (body as a scanner) – it is processed in other minds-bodies – mind as a scanner.
Heads under the cloth, limbs remain uncovered- we went down under the table, the cloth covered our heads we were in semi-darkness, we lit our torches to be able to see the texts before us, there were texts of law, they were passed from hand to hand, it released what is kept by the silently reading memory, it screamed and shouted. The typewriter on the table wrote the new ones when recording the revealed.
Laws are enacted and minds are acting the traces of memory, process always triggers others in the other minds in the other bodies… PROCESS continues with losses, constantly changing new processes in other minds – movement and transformation.


As A Scanner | 2012 | Work