Official Dream Diary, 2014
Custom notebook

I made a notebook combining my dream diary with several issues of the Official Gazette of the Republic of Turkey, both from the same period of time, i.e. 2014-2010. I brought these two daily sources together via crosscutting, relating them in a flow full of gaps, resembling the language of dreams. I picked up keywords from a diary entry written in a specific time frame and searched them on the Official Gazette website. Many results came out, whose number I reduced by adding new keywords and searching until there was only a single result left. I used the date of this result to select a dream with the closest matching date from the original diary. Then I repeated the same process ten times in a row, by using keywords from the last selected dream each time, and eventually matching 10 dreams with 10 issues of the official gazette published within the last 4 years.

Could it be possible to create a new public space using a diary practice in order to activate both the public and the private and let them reveal their obscure aspects? Could it be possible that keeping a diary — recording events in certain periods and sharing them — can update its own credibility as a practice which is strange and familiar at once, in a world full of reason and unreason?


Official Dream Diary | 2014 | Work