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“Dream of the Blind Melon”, performance, 20-23 April 2017, Salt Galata

“Dream of the Blind Melon” is a four-day performance realised in the framework of the performative exhibition “Blow Up: Kavunu Gördüm” (Blow Up: I Saw The Melon) -in collaboration with Elif Süsler, Aslı Narin, Didem Erk- between 20-23 April 2017 at SALT Galata, Istanbul.


From the performance / Day 2

“I walk around the city with a melon and record the words I can make out from the mass of endless conversations, which my fellow traveller melon, known as one of the oldest domestic seeds, has been collecting and storing all along like an ancient memory. I bring the dialogs, voices and whispers from the street to the exhibition space and keep typing them on a typewriter. Sitting and meditating in the middle of a melon circle during my sessions throughout the day, I re-perform these ‘quotations from street’ as an improvised monolog for the duration of the whole exhibition, i.e. for four days. Meanwhile, a series of photographs of my performance in the city is continuously shown in the space via slide projector.” Şafak Çatalbaş

“Dream of the Blind Melon”, performance video documentation , 2017

Dream of the Blind Melon | 2017 | Work