“Sensational News Session With Omni-antenna”, performance, 2017
View from the performance at DEPO, 19.06.2017

Post-Truth Spa Center provides a fictitious relaxing space set up for revising our relationship with daily news, in a time when our perception of reality is turned on its head. In our contemporary condition where news tend to address the sensations rather than the reality, this space takes the motto ‘Let it happen as you feel’, it hints at how collective irrationality lays the foundations of our world, and makes us face the fact that the more we willingly fall for this nonsense, the more we become a part of it.

View from the “Post-Truth Spa Center” – after the performance

Post-Truth Spa Center was located as an independent area, on the second floor of the “In The Blink Of A Bird” exhibition. The space worked as a performative installation area hosting various works that communicate each other and the post-truth concept. A performance was held by Şafak Çatalbaş here.

“Sensational News Session With Omni-antenna”, documentation video of the performance, 19.06.2017, DEPO

The performance was called “Sensational News Session With Omni-antenna”. The artist instantly created fictional news and broke them to the audience in the room, as the Twitter newsfeed was projected onto the space wall, as everyone could see live. Imitating the language of a news anchor, she synchronised Twitter news streams with her stream of consciousness. While having a head massage from someone among the audience, she followed her mind-rhythm and filled this formal language with absurd content triggered by momentary/spontaneous feelings she experienced.

Sensational News Session With Omni-antenna | 2017 | Work