SafakCatalbas_AnlıkAydınlanmalar_2019_900x copy Instant Enlightenments, 2019 Text on the wall, 3 videos and seances during the exhibition “flesh and bone”, Operation Room, İstanbul, 2019

Şafak Çatalbaş participates in the exhibition with a work titled, “Instant Enlightenments” through which she deals with yoga and meditation practices. On one side, the artist creates short circuits where she brings together yoga instructions with advertisements’ language. She points to the seemingly motionless actions and state of inertia and contemplates on their possibilites for survival. The artist plays with the idea that giving reactionary responses to the continues flow of feeds of contemporary media, people get into some kind of insecurity and sense of panic. As a possibility to restore the sense of security, she suggests slowing down and ‘floating.’ salyangoz_screenshot_01 _900x InstantEnlightenments_detail4_900x InstantEnlightenments_detail3_900x

Instant Enlightenments | 2019 | Work