Post Truth Spa Center – seance02

Performance (realized by Şafak Çatalbaş in 2019, within the event program of “In the Blink of A Bird” exhibition by Sis Collective at nGbK, Berlin)


In this performance Şafak Çatalbaş takes the role of a “Portal Opener”. She invites the participants for a seance, a rite of passage, and guides them using mindfulness practices inspired by the “new age” gestures of post-truth era. Participants go through the “Portal” constructed as the final stage of “Bureaucratic Application Anxiety Therapy Agency”, consisting of a series of stations where pseudo-consultation sessions with different themes are performed.

The project “In the Blink of a Bird” was initiated by the artist collective Sis. Working collaboratively, Sis negotiates themes of freedom of expression, bureaucracy, and immigration.

Post Truth Spa Center – seance02 | 2019 | Work