No_(B)orders_Kunstpunkt_9174 copy_900x600 Post Truth Spa Center – seance01 Performance: Şafak Çatalbaş NO (B)ORDERS exhibition His TV / Sis Collective / Apartment Project 4th May 2018, Kunstpunkt Berlin

In this performance, I invited gallery visitors to focus on my Facebook profile, projected onto a tub filled with water and start running a hypnosis session. Starting like a usual hypnotherapy session, guided by my meditative voice, the session gradually turned into a process of automatic talking where my stream of consciousness was synchronised with the Facebook news feed. No_(B)orders_Kunstpunkt_9167 copy_900x600 No_(B)orders_Kunstpunkt_9145 copy_900x600 Photos: Oliver Möst Performance documentation video (shortened version): 11’29”

Post Truth Spa Center – seance01 | 2018 | Work