Rightrightrightright Universatile Ritmo-Dance Legislation: Estates Galore!
Şafak Çatalbaş
Workshop & Collective Performances
Co-action Device: Hasköy, 1-2-3 July 2022, Hasköy Park, Istanbul

We explore the possibilities of being intimate with the legal texts that are far from the daily language, full of abstract concepts, yet affecting our daily life in the most severe way. We do exercises for embodying the language of law using sound, rhythm and movement. Using the rhythm and movement provided by rap music, we reenact the ever-changing Forestry Law by constantly singing, remixing, rewriting it. Guided by our instant sensations, we ask how concepts like “universal”, “public”, “relational” can be embodied. How does language of law relate to what is happening now, between yes and no? Beyond dualities of language, does the sharpening of our senses by recognizing the existence of a spectrum enrich our lives and liberate us? How does the ambiguous structure called “we” maintain its vitality while gaining its formality? Better get a forest air now; let’s open the ears, let’s get into the rhythm:

rightrightrightright / estates galore! / hey you, ho! / march it lawsome / mormon third base / wormsquatting / code in the kickback, yo!





Photo credit: Nazlı Erdemirel

Rightrightrightright Universatile Ritmo-Dance Legislation: Estates Galore! | 2022 | Work